A new type of virus that rattled the world with its gigantic blows. It started in month of december from China and then its neighbors. It was named as Coronavirus. There were different opinions about the newly discovered virus in international community. WHO(World Health Organisation) entitled it as epidemic and then a deadly Pandemic. Later on they named life during Coronavirus as “Anthropause” . Covid’19 affected all dimension of life especially education, industry and economy.

Covid’19 and education:

Education has been highly hit by coronavirus disease. The virus initially caused closure of schools for plenty of time but different strategies came out from different countries to tackle hindrances faced by education system. Developed countries adopted exquisite tactics like online education, E-learning etc. Those include USA, UK and the most of Europe. China has also been on front foot against Covid’19 with its exceptional policies to normalize daily life. Third-world African nations like Nigeria have also strived to provide education to its children through radio. Many countries, in contrast, have not been that successful in providing online education due to their lame policies and/or poor administration. In a nutshell, Covid’19 has affected the education system more or less throughout the world.

Covid’19 on industry and economy?

Industry sector has been critically hit by Covid’19. It began ceasing its operation mainly in Asia (mainstream China, India, Bangladesh etc) and in Europe ( Italy, Spain, Sweden etc) and in Americas within a couple of months. However, the timely responsiveness and cautiousness played key role in guiding industries towards normalization.

As the closure of industries could be alarming for growing economies, countries had to face numerous challenges during this pandemic period. The novel pandemic put them in state of crisis and it took some time to revamp their economic policies according to exigency of time.

To Conclude, Covid’19 has been a huge setback to largest economies beside growing ones.

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